Plan 4 Profit can run your Digital Marketing Campaign

These days, marketing your business services and products is all about internet marketing. This naturally starts with a great website but includes:
  • Creative website design and calls to action
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEM)
  • Social media (Facebook, Google+ etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Google Adwords, Adsense and Google My Business
  • Keywords
We have already helped numerous businesses dramatically improve their web presence.
Web Marketing Banner
371864-Berry Motor Group website
Berry Motor Group
The Berry Motor Group specialises in the servicing, maintenance and spare parts for Volvo cars. They have a great business ethic and a loyal following. They are a modern business but their old website did not convey the professionalism of their business nor the various facets of their products and services.
After a full analyses of the business strengths, we designed a number of website options based the popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We have found this platform has been popular with our clients as it is open source and many web designers can assist with design layout. It is also a website design that is relatively easy to update without calling software designers.
371874-U Beaut Trailers website
U-Beaut Trailers
James Hay runs a really smart business in Seaford, Victoria producing a high quality range of galvanised car trailers. James had a website that was dated and he had a great deal of trouble trying to upload new products.
We again decided to go for a WordPress website CMS and created a website design that conveyed the character of his business and products.
We then combined the new website with a comprehensive web based marketing campaign and traffic and sales have gone through the roof.
Redline automotive service
Redline Automotive Services
Redline Autos are a family style automotive workshop in Carrum Downs Victoria and maintain and service all popular cars. They also provide roadworthy certificates and a provide vehicle restoration services.
All the guys that work at Redline are enthusiasts and literally love working on cars.
Peter wanted a website that would help prospective customers to find his business and to create new business.
To Peter’s credit he also arranged a photo session that resulted in some great photos that showed off Peter’s business and the classic cars that frequent the business.
Again Peter also asked Plan 4 Profit to help him publicide his new website with a Google Adwords campaign as well as a carefully designed SEO program. Despite a relatively quite market, Redline Autos is busy and going from strength to strength.
canterbury rd flower gallery
Canterbury Road Flower gallery
Jennifer Williams runs a beautiful florist/ gift store in Herathmont Victoria and had never had a website. We offered a simple solution that wouldn’t break the bank but would give online buyers a chance to consider her store. We offered Jen a range of designs and the site was launched in 2013.
Jen has recently asked Plan 4 Profit to arrange a Google Adwords campaign and the site has now registered over 22,000 visitors.
Lilydale Auto Electrics Banner
Lilydale Auto Electrics

Lilydale Auto Electrical Workshop offers a complete auto electrical and mechanical workshop service in Lilydale, Victoria.

They also offer a mobile auto electrical service for equipment or cars that cannot be brought into our workshop.
The new owner wanted to improve foot tgraffic and knew that a website was a vital part of his marketing. So Plan 4 Profit sat down with the owner and discussed the important features of the business. A website design was created and after modifications, the website was built within 7 days.
The WordPress polatform was used to make it simple to post news and information about both the business and new products.

Continental bayswater
Continental Tyres Bayswater
Continental Tyres in Baywater had a good business but they knew that they needed a website to attract more business. Tyres might seem straight forward but when you consider the brands, the styles of tyres and then the massive range of sizes from 13″-22″tyres, you can start to see how hard it is to list their products. Then you add probably 6 wheel manufacturers with 100 styles in 500 sizes, you can see that this website was going to be difficult.
Luckily they had a skilled digital marketer working in the company and he handled most of the data entry.
Plan 4 Profit submitted designs and the site loks fantastic. It has also become one of the highest foot traffic (eyeballs!) websites we have been involved with counting over 12,000 visitors a year.