Grow Your Sales By 15-20% Per Year With E-Commerce

We all know that E-Commerce is the fastest growing area of retail and wholesale sales. Currently online ecommerce sales represent approx 10% of the Australian economy (depending on whether you include concert tickets, air fares etc.).

We also know that this is set to continue with Amazon announcing that they are setting up shop in Australia in 2018.

Of course, the advantage of making your products available online is that potential customers get to to see All of your product range, ALL of the time.

In the past, a manufacturer would never expect a retailer to carry all of their products. Typically a retailer may stock the top 10-20% of any particular range. This meant that 80-90% of a manufacturers product range was invisible to buyers.

A full catalogue style website can fix that problem. Wholesalers, distributors and retailers can then decide whether to add a shopping cart to allow online sales.

Over the years, wholesalers have been reticent to sell direct as this could alienate the traditional retail stores, but this attitude is changing. These days a manufacturer or wholesaler should consider either assisting it’s resellers to sell its range on line by providing great digital product data or opening their own online store.

There are a range of tactics to consider for manufactures and wholesalers including the risk of having one online resellers slash prices in an attempt to dominate online sales. This can be the death of a product range. Although we have to be aware of laws governing price fixing, resellers can be encouraged to a price range that encourages competition.

Plan 4 Profit online sales Coaching
Plan 4 Profit Ebay Sales Coaching

EBay Training or Coaching

We have operated ebay stores since 2004 and it is a fantastic market place to display your products.

Ebay Australia attracts around 6 million individual shoppers every month in Australia. Where else can you display your products to that many buyers, all with their credit cards in hand.

And ebay can be virtually free as you can often only pay fees when you sell an item.

Any business that wants to do well on ebay should take the option of opening an ebay store.

Private sellers can list up to 40 products for free but pay a 10.9% final value fee.

There are 3 levels of ebay stores for larger sellers.

  • Level 1 costs $24.95, are allowed 600 number of listings and pay between 6-9.5% final value fees.
  • Level 2 sellers pay $54.95, can list 1500 products and pay between 5.4-8.55% final value fees.
  • Level 3 sellers pay $549.95, can list as many products as they want (some as many as 500,000 products) and pay 4.8-7.6% final value fee.

At a base level, ebay is fairly simple, but as soon as you want to get serious, there are many things to take into account such as:

  • The design of your store and product listing template
  • Optimising product titles, images, descriptions and trading terms to enhance sales
  • Shipping
  • Product photography
  • Product information and data management
  • Integration between your POS , CMS or ERP with your online stores
  • Mark down manager
  • Promotions
  • Price tracking
  • Inventory management
  • ebay research

Plan 4 Profit offers ebay and ecommerce business coaching to fast track your online sales.

We can train you or your staff or we can manage, either full time or on retainer, your entire online sales department.

We have both fulltime and contract staff based overseas that help to minimise the costs of outsourcing your online business.

Plan 4 Profit Graphic Design

Buyers are attracted to professional looking stores, whether they be bricks and mortar stores or online.

Plan 4 Profit can help you to develop an eye catching online presence that doesn’t just look good, but that attracts customers buy using Call To Action techniques.

We don’t just show customers your products or services, instead we tempt them to:


Plan 4 Profit can also supply graphic design services for logos, brochures, flyers, stationery, landing pages, social media signs etc.

Plan 4 Profit Graphic Design