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Leaders in small business advisory services, Melbourne-based team Plan 4 Profit are skilled marketing specialists, offering quality advice and guidance to organisations across the city. Our team are passionate about their role as small business advisors. Melbourne businesses have sought our solutions on both long term and short term basis, turning to our team for advice and support where it truly counts.

Quality small business consulting can revolutionise business for fledgling, expanding and established organisations alike. Our broad range of consulting services are available to companies at every level of growth.

As our clients expand in the rapidly changing business landscape of today, our small business mentoring service offers further ongoing opportunities to develop and grow.

A Wide Range of Consulting Services to Suit Every Melbourne Business

When a comprehensive plan is executed through expert small business consulting, growth and great returns are inevitable. Our aim is to assist as many small businesses as possible where we can, strengthening their position as frontrunners in the industries they are passionate about.

Big change is possible with small business consultants. Melbourne companies have relied on our team to deliver on a range of effective solutions at Plan 4 Profit. These include:

Building Tailored Consulting Services to Suit Your Need

Every new businesses can benefit from a Plan 4 Profit strategy. Our small business mentoring service has resulted in significant change for a range of organisations from motor groups and auto electricians through to florists and beyond.

We understand the need for a service with plenty of reach when choosing your small business consultants. Melbourne clients have benefitted through our expertise in three key areas:

Business Planning

Our team work closely with you to investigate, reassess and redefine your business goals. By identifying your strengths, weaknesses and capacity for growth we help you forge your way as a successful business

Digital Marketing

For smart marketing done right, our experts explore every possibility to ensure you are visible in the digital landscape. For website design, SEO, social media and more, we implement great campaigns that build your online presence and propel your business into the digital landscape.


Plan 4 Profit can help you to capitalise on the growing demand for online sales. Don’t be the last to jump on board the incredible opportunities that e-commerce offers to businesses of every size, talk to our incredible team today!

Expect the best from your small business consultants?

Our determination is to add greater value to your business. When your business success can be dictated by effective planning, evaluation and management of its performance, working with a team you trust is essential.

When you make the decision to enlist help, you must have complete trust in any business advisory services. Melbourne clients who we have worked with have experienced this first hand, as their journeys with our team have been supported from engagement to implementation. Plan 4 Profit understand that finding the perfect fit is essential, and offer free first consulting appointments to clients considering working with us.

We Understand the Challenges That Small Businesses Face

With over 30 years experience in small business success, we have witnessed the spectrum of highs and lows during a time of rapid and intensive change. We know how difficult it can be to put even a small amount of time aside for a small business mentoring service, so making the most of every moment you put aside to work with us is our priority.

Service and Advice from the Team You Can Trust

Not every team is equal when it comes to small business advisors. Melbourne business owners deserve the best when reaching out for support. We are committed to working with you every step of the way as we find the ideal route to ensure visibility over your competitors. From introduction through to launch and moving into the future as a successful business, we have your back.

Connect With Our Team Today

Would you like to talk with one of our skilled small business advisors? Melbourne clients are encouraged to reach out to Plan 4 Profit and book a free initial consultation. To find our more about how we can assist you as your business develops and grows, contact us on +61 (0)412 548 609 and speak to a friendly member of our team about how we can help, today. 


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I often get asked about overseas SEO companies that send out thousands of emails and fill our spam boxes. Their subject lines include: – Top 1st Page Ranking Results. – Trust AU-based SEO firm to deliver real results. – First Page Of Google 100% Guaranteed – We can get your website on 1st page on natural search

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Preparing to sell your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you look at your business through the eyes of a buyer. While selling can be emotional, it’s important to look at the strategy, structure and financials of your business clearly so you can showcase them to potential buyers. Here are the key points to consider when

Attracting Customers To Your Store

Years ago, growing sales was all about having an attractive store front, maybe a Bonanza Sale event and some newspaper advertising. These days of course it is all about getting a better ranking on Google. We talk about SERP’s. This is how your business appears on your Search Engine Results Page (when someone looks for something you


Developing a small company into a successful one is hard work. Plan 4 Profit can help you achieve success.

What we do

Product Sourcing

Plan 4 Profit has 30 years experience in product design and product sourcing and has spent many years dealing with Chinese manufacturers. In fact, we have been to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan,

Marketing Analysis

In order to create a successful business plan, we have to know our market. We must know our target customers intimately. Their likes and dislikes, age, income, buying habits, leisure activities

Liason with Financial Institutions

Business finance is a critical part to running a successful business. Depending on the business model, it can often be necessary to raise capital to finance inventory, debtors or acquisitions. Plan
winner start

Case studies


Mechanix Wear is one of America’s leading brand of heavy duty work gloves and has a 70% market share of the Automotive Glove market.

Plan4Profit (AVGH Investments) helped to negotiate the exclusive Australiasian distribution rights and the range was launched by E. T. Performance Products in 2009.

Mechanix Wear gloves are now stocked by most leading retailers with sales set to climb past
$1 million per annum in the near future.

-Wrote the business plan
-Secured distribution rights
-Designed the advertising
-Designed and operated Trade Show displays
-Sold the range into major national retail chains

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We will build a unique business development strategy based on the complex study of your company.

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In 1985, CEO Andrew Holdsworth built on his background in Industrial Design to create a successful manufacturing, import and distribution business. The business grew from his garage to an owner occupied warehouse and sheet metal factory in Dandenong with 14 staff.


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